Stock market news on February 25: A lot of shaking occurred, making the session dramatic

01:02 | 26/02/2021

The cautiousness of investors continued to cover the February 25 session reflected in a significant decline in market liquidity compared to the previous sessions. A lot of shaking happened, especially in the afternoon session, causing VN Index to continuously change green / red color, this is also the reason that made the session more dramatic.

Progress of the session

At the beginning of the morning session on February 25, green ink covered the market, but every time the demand increased, the selling force was released so the index continuously shook. Some stocks hit the ceiling early such as CRC, HSL, TDC, TLH, RIC, VIX ... However, when the VN Index moved closer to 1,170, the selling pressure appeared erasing the upturn momentum, many pillars turned to decline. points such as BVH, VNM, VHM, MSN… caused VN Index to fall back close to 1,158 points at a time. However, thanks to the strong demand again, the market recovered and mainly traded around the reference level.

Pillar stocks had a strong differentiation with many large losers such as CTG, VHM, MSN, TPB, HDB, SBT, KDH, VPB, REE, VNM, TCH, BID, SSI ... in which SBT - 2.5 %, PDR - 2.4%, KDH - 1.8%, VPB - 1.6%, REE - 1.4% ... in the opposite direction there are only PLX + 1.7%, VJC + 1.4% , GAS + 0.5%, VIC, + 0.4%, HPG +, 07%, PNJ + 0.8% ...

At the end of the session, the market slowed down and VN Index had another slight shake and ended below the reference level. In terms of liquidity, HPG saw the highest matching order and led HOSE with over 16 million units, followed by STB with more than 10 million units.

Stock market news on February 25: A lot of shaking occurred, making the session dramatic
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On Hanoi SE, the index increased strongly after opening, sometimes reaching 246 points, then only decreased slightly and mainly moved sideways until the end. The uptrend of HNX came from THD shares, which rose to the ceiling price, matched with more than 100,000 units and overbought at 122,000 shares. Besides, VE1, VGS, KVC, DS3 also turned purple, the big codes all gained well like PVS + 2.3%, S99 + 7.8% ... on the other side, SHB, NVB, IDC, CEO, TDT, TIG, BVS… traded in the red. Leading the liquidity of HNX was still SHB with over 15.5 million units matched, followed by PVS with more than 10.3 million units…

Pausing the morning session, VN Index fell 1.07 points to 1,160.94 points with 161 gainers and 272 losers, total trading volume reached over 300.3 million shares, worth 7.79 trillion dong. HNX Index increased 7.2 points to 245.09 points with 55 gainers and 77 losers, the total matched volume reached over 75.8 million units, worth 1.23 trillion dong.

A lot of drama happened in the afternoon session, making investors' sentiment become quite stressful. Many strong shaking took place so VN Index continuously changed color green / red. At one point, the index dropped to 6 points but then quickly returned to increase. After that, the market continued to change green / red for about 3 more times and kept the green at the end of the session.

VN30 Basket had 17 gainers, of which VJC + 2.4%, PLX + 1.9%, MWG + 1.4%, PNJ +1.4% ... shares of VCB, VRE, HDB, STB, MBB, FPT, GAS, HPG… remained in light green. On the other side, SBT -1.8%, KDH - 1.5%, MSN - 1.5%, PDR - 1.4%, codes REE, VNM, NVL, CTG TCH, VPB, BID decreased slightly.

Hanoi trading floor also had similar situation in the morning session, when THD was the fulcrum for the index as it continued to maintain the purple color with more than 0.1 million units matched and overbought at ceiling price of more than 0.13 million units. taste. On the other side, badly affecting the index were SHB -0.6%, CEO - 0.9%, TNG - 0.1%, IDC - 2.1%, NDN - 1.3% ...

Closing the session, VN Index increased 3.42 points to 1,165.43 points, with 220 gainers and 214 losers, total trading volume reached more than 510.4 million shares, worth 13.35 trillion VND. HNX Index increased 8.31 points to 246.2 points with 103 gainers and 71 losers, the total matched volume reached over 113.3 million units, worth 1.86 trillion VND.

Comments on February 26 session

The market experienced a session with many levels of emotions when witnessing many shaking occurred, causing the index to change green / red…. The liquidity on February 25 session decreased significantly compared to the previous sessions, which showed the cautiousness of investors when VN Index entered the sensitive area. The trend of the February 26 session became more difficult to discern when the February 25 session formed a neutral candlestick pattern. Technically, this candlestick pattern does not change the short-term trend of the market much. However, the cash flow is still considered as not withdrawn from the market. However, there has been a shift to small and medium stocks to seek profits. Investors should carefully observe the market and should not open new long positions in the short term.

Hoai Nam