Stock market news on February 18: The market rallied strongly at the end of the session

08:35 | 19/02/2021

The strong selling pressure at the beginning of the session caused VN Index to decline, but the strong cash flow helped the market to rebound and increase strongly at the end of the session. Perhaps because today is the maturity date of the derivative futures contract in February 2021, this result is not too surprising to "serve" for the derivative closing.

Progress of the session

Entering the morning session on February 18, VN Index was trading below reference due to the negative impact from VN30. However, the strong cash flow poured into the market so the index recovered again. The positive point when the market was the breakthrough of oil and gas stocks, there were times that stocks such as PVD, PVS, PVO, PXS ... gained to the limit. When the market was rebalanced, investor sentiment was relieved of the pressure. As a result, the upturn momentum began to spread. Real estate stocks prospered quickly with many large / small stocks actively traded such as HQC, ITA, SCR and TCH, NLG, CCL, HDC, SJS all gained.

From the second half of the morning session, the market saw a more positive trade, but at the end of the session, the selling pressure increased so VN Index narrowed the gain. Regarding liquidity, the total trading volume of all 3 exchanges this morning reached over 554.9 million units, equivalent to 12,478 billion VND.

Stock market news on February 18: The market rallied strongly at the end of the session
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Pausing the morning session on February 18, the VN Index increased 6.47 points to 1,162.25 points with 267 advancers and 157 decliners. The matched volume reached over 430.9 million units, equivalent to 10.3 trillion dong, up 28% in volume and 26% in value compared to the previous session. The HNX-Index increased 0.75 points to reach 231.32 points with 82 advancers and 68 decliners. The matching volume reached more than 81.7 million units, equivalent to 1.4 trillion dong.

In the afternoon session, the market continued to go up with cautiousness of investors, leading to alternating increases in the middle and the end of the session with slight vibrations. In which, the market gained thanks to the strong increase of large-cap stocks such as VCB, VHM, SAB, GVR, VIC, GAS ... Strong cash flow continued to pour into the market with the expectation that VN Index would continue. break out. However, after about 14am, the market's transaction slowed down due to the “traffic jam” when the liquidity reached over 15,000 VND and the index was almost flat until the ATC match.

As some experienced investors' comments, the February derivative futures expiration session today will be unexpected and sudden changes occurred during the ATC session, causing VN Index to rise upright to close to the level of 1,175. point and close at the highest level of the day.

The VN30 basket was still differentiated at the end of the morning session, then pulled up strongly when the afternoon session ended with most of the stocks gaining strongly, only SSI and STB declined slightly. In which TCH + 6.1%, GAS + 3.7%, MSN + 3.4%, VRE + 3.3%, BID + 3.1% ... besides oil and gas stocks continued to increase well with many stocks turned green and purple like PVD + 3.3%, PVT + 2.3%, CNG + 5.9%, PSH + 4.4%, PGC + 6.5% ... on the other side, some codes The market dropped again like FLC, ROS, HSG, LPB, VND, HAI, SCR, VOS, NKG ... In terms of liquidity, MBB was led with 23.3 million shares and STB with 22.5 million shares. deal.

On the HNX, the index was exhausted in the afternoon session, even at times it was trading below reference. However, the index was able to regain a slight green level when closing the session. One morning spot helped the index slow down as CEO, VIG, PLV, and VCG turned purple. Oil and gas group still kept the uptrend including PVS + 5.8%, PVC + 7.1%, PVB + 4.3%, PLC + 3.5%, IDJ + 3.8%, LAS + 3.9% … On the other side, ACM dropped to the floor, KLF- 3.8%, MBS- 2%, SHS- 1.1%, BVS- 2.8%, SHB- 1.9%…

At the end of the session on February 18, VN Index increased 18.6 points to 1,174.38 points, with 277 advancers and 166 decliners. The matched volume reached 614.8 million units, equivalent to 15.13 trillion VND. The HNX Index rose 0.38 points to 230.96 points, with 99 advancers and 90 decliners. The matched volume reached 127.2 million units, equivalent to 2.22 trillion VND.

Comments on February 19 session

The market had another strong gain session but it was not too surprising when the VN Index rebounded sharply in the last minutes as today's session coincided with the closing time of the February derivative contract. Technically, market liquidity The market continues to reach a fairly high level, which will help the uptrend of the market continue to be strengthened with the goal of continuing to conquer the 1,200 mark. However, profit-taking force always exists when VN Index approaches this important resistance, so it can be predicted that VN Index will continue to have many fluctuations in the session on 19/2. Investors can take advantage of the vibrations of the market to increase new buying positions, prioritize stocks with good business results in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Hoai Nam