Fast news on the stock market on February 24: VN Index fell, the market "missed an appointment" to reach 1,180 points

01:01 | 25/02/2021

The market traded quite quietly in the morning session when major indices fluctuated in a narrow range and liquidity dropped slightly. However, unexpectedly happened in the afternoon session when the selling pressure increased strongly so VN Index plunged and closed with a decrease of 15.63 points.
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Progress of the session

In the morning session on 24/2, investors' sentiment became more cautious, reflected in the decline in market liquidity compared to the previous sessions. The market traded sideways and relatively slowly, the index did not have much change during the morning session.

VN30 Basket had 23 gainers while only 2 losers. In which, CTG + 1.8%, HVN + 1.7%, HPG + 1.4% ... securities group had more positive trade with many gainers including MBS + 9.3%, VND + 2.9%, SSI + 2.4%, HCM + 2.2% ... Two big codes HPG and CTG traded very positively and supported the index's gain well. On the other hand, a number of large stocks traded in the red such as BCM, PVS, GAS ... The remarkable point of the market was the banking group when continuing to attract large cash flow with 3 gainers and liquidity. over 10 million units including STB, MBB and ACB, in the opposite direction LPB - 0.3%, TCB - 0.4%, EIB - 1.4%, BID - 0.7% ... The differentiation is quite clear in small and medium-sized stocks with ITA, IJC, HQC, DLG, HAG gained and HNG, LDG, FLC, AMD decreased.

On Hanoi SE, there was a sudden transaction of HUT when it hit the ceiling with nearly 9 million shares transferred with over 4 million ceiling buying surplus. SHB was positive at the beginning of the session, however, due to the increase in selling force, it turned down by 0.6%. Besides, THD dropped sharply and put a lot of pressure on the score. Towards the end of the morning session, the pressure on the market was still high when large stocks such as PVS, IDC, CEO ... all dropped.

Fast news on the stock market on February 24: VN Index fell, the market
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Pausing the morning session, the VN Index increased slightly by 0.34 points to 1,177.98 points with 200 gainers and 213 losers, trading volume on the floor reached 314.5 million units, equivalent to over VND 7.8 trillion . HNX Index increased 0.9 points to 239.68 points with 88 gainers and 78 losers, trading volume on the floor reached 80.9 million units, equivalent to more than 1.2 trillion.

Unexpectedly, it happened in the afternoon session when the selling force increased strongly right at the opening of the session, causing the VN Index to plunge, at times, down more than 23 points. After that, the "bottom fishing" demand joined to help the index recover slightly. However, at the time when the "bottom fishing" cash flow positively poured into the market, the "congestion" situation happened, making many investors feel "annoyed". Accordingly, the electronic board was almost immobile after about 14:00 until the end of the session and did not reflect the market situation. However, in the afternoon session on February 24, the market liquidity was still quite high with the total trading volume on both exchanges reaching 811.6 million shares, worth 18.2 trillion dong.

Among large-cap stocks, only HPG, CTG, PLX, VIB, and HVN were in the red with the increasing direction. In which, CTG + 1.2%, PLX + 0.9%, HPG + 0.7% ... the down side included VIC - 1.64%, VCB - 1.9%, VNM - 1.1% . BID - 2.1%, STB - 2.4%, MBB - 1.5%, ACB - 1.6%.

Similar to HOSE, entered the afternoon session, HNX-Index also had a strong drop. However, because HOSE was “stuck on the road”, the cash flow quickly turned to HNX so it recovered well and only dropped slightly at closing. SHB still ranked first in liquidity, but fell 1.8%, PVS - 3.5%, IDC - 3%, CEO - 4.5% ... HUT remained purple with more than 16.8 million shares. Be traded.

At the end of the session, the VN Index fell 15.63 points to 1,162.01 points with 93 gainers and 357 losers, the matched volume reached over 602.9 million units, equivalent to over VND 15 trillion. The HNX-Index fell 0.89 points to 237.89 points with 84 gainers and 111 losers, the matched volume reached over 156.9 million units, equivalent to more than 2.4 trillion.

Comments on February 25 session

The market has just experienced a strong and unexpected drop with high liquidity. Technically, it is likely that the market will continue correcting in the session on 25/2 and will recover again when it falls back to the testing zone of 1,140-1,150 points. Investors are recommended to take advantage of the corrections to increase stocks to accumulate for the recovery span of the market.

Hoai Nam